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What to invest in?

We recommend different investments depending on your personal objectives:

1. If you want a luxury home for private use:

We design, build & sell high end contemporary homes in the most exclusive areas of Spain (Marbella on the Costa del Sol,
Barcelona on the Costa Brava).
You can either buy a home that is ready to use; or have one built for you. As there is a shortage of contemporary homes,
there are profit margins of around 30% in this activity - which can be realised in two to three years.

We specialize in high-end areas - they get clients from all over Europe, Russia ánd the Middle East (even China) and as a result,
are less affected by local economic ups an downs. Plus, there are clear signs that the luxury market is taking off again,
so you'll combine personal enjoyment & a good investment.

Please have a look at our "homes for sale" section - under the modern-villas brand:

modern villas in Spain an Portugal


2. If you want a hassle-free investment:

We recommend an investment in commercial real estate, student housing, or development land. We tend to avoid the private real estate (i.e. homes and apartments for rental) as these are more difficult to manage from a distance - and private tenants tend to be unpredictable. Plus, homes and apartments, rented or not, always generate community fees and maintenance costs which eat away your investment.

- Commercial real estate generates 4-5% rental returns and as it is rented to professional tenants (rather than private users) you do not have to worry about maintenance; plus well chosen tenants tend to stay for many years without ever leaving your property vacant.

- Student housing: we collaborate directly with construction companies that build large student housing projects in areas like Barcelona. These too provide hands-free investments with stable results and low risks.

please contact us for more information!


3. If you want more return:

As in many there is a shortage of contemporary homes (and good building plots), you may gain from investing
in either development land or development projects.

- Development land: we are specialized in picking the best building plots. Building plots have excellent upside potential but - unlike
other real estate - virtually no maintenance costs. If you like, we can develop & approve an architectural project on them,
which adds immediate value to the property. The result can then be sold as a turnkey villa.
Basically, you invest in the plot + project, which is about 1/3 of the cost of a villa;
and get the profit on the full villa without having to finance the building.

- Development projects: we work closely with constructors & developers who like to start new projects with private investments.
This generates higher risks and higher rewards; but the current market conditions are very good:
land can still be bought relatively cheap while the shortage of new build projects/villas means they can be sold at a premium.

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